LAST NIGHT 2012 (4)

With the leadership of Sandi Johnson and many volunteers, All Saints served 120 meals on New Years Eve.


Another joyous telling of the story of Jesus' birth.

LORD & TAILOR 2012 (6)

Lord and Tailor is hardly behind the scenes at All Saints as this organization is well known in our church and community. Lord and Tailor's (L&T) mission is to provide low cost clothing. Lorraine Holley serves as the chairwoman of the L&T board, and she states that the organization has over 50 volunteers, who help sort and display clothing early in the week, and are open to the public on Thursday's thru Saturday. The annual report for 2011 highlights that volunteers spent 1,560 hours sorting the clothes and getting them ready for the public. Volunteers spent another 2,418 hours selling the clothing to the public. A year contains 8,760 hours and when when it is all added up L&T volunteers spent 4,770 hours volunteering for L&T in 2011. That is an amazing number of hours for a volunteer organization that is open to the public for 96 days each year. Lorraine stated that the volunteers uandle over 25,000 articles of clothing each year, and prices have remained the same since the doors for L&T first opened. Most clothing sell for $3.00 and the clothing is given away, if the individual does not have the funds to pay for it. No one is turned away. The money raised by L&T is given to the church budget. As a member of the Vestry, I can tell you how appreciative we are to have this generous donation. Lorraine is very grateful to the public for donating the clothing. Lorraine also mentioned that John Foster, our terrific Jr. Warden, brings the clothing up to the L&T sorting room each morning from the bins located outside the entrance. Ed West, Jack McLaughlin, Wayne Ghirardini, Ron Holley, Mark McLaughln and his crew, plus many others also help with moving the clothing. I want to state that the volunteers for L&T are a happy group. It is impossible for one's spirits to not be lifted after watching them work for a short period of time. Phil Wasmuth, Vestry


Tom Wilson, Chair of the Rector Search Committee, led a presentation and conversation with members of the Congregation on November 18. The committee will now use the information gathered in the preliminary phase of the search to complete a Parish Profile. Congregational feedback, in the form of round table discussions and surveys, will be vital in the next phase of the process. Stay tuned!


The church school, along with many fantastic youth and adult volunteers, created cheerful Saint-o-Lanterns in celebration of Halloween and All Saints' Day.


Behind-the-scenes or behind-the-pulpit, it takes many Saints to make All Saints go!



Tom and Donna Cote won the bid to have an original Indian dinner that the participants would cook under the direction of All Saint's member Bhupendra and Judith Ketani. The dinner was hosted by Tom and Julie Wilson, who live in Sandwich. The participants were Tom & Julie Wilson, Tom & Donna Cote, Wayne and Nancy Ghirardini, Phil & Dianne Wasmuth, & Ted and Pat Rice. The cooking started around 4:30 p.m. and was served around 8 p.m. It was wonderful.


The Congregation welcomed All Critters Great & Small to be blessed by the Rector.


The church and its facilities are host to countless service organizations, community meetings, and social gatherings.



Each January, the parish gathers to celebrate and review the previous year's ministry and those who made an impact.


The youth group, with the leadership of Linda Siracusa, hosted a congregation-wide cookout following the first day of Sunday School this fall. Thanks to Christy Parker for the photos.

SUMMER FAIR 2012 (14)

The Annual Summer Fair is a wonderful tradition at All Saints Church. This year's event was blessed by fantastic weather, energetic volunteers and generous, happy shoppers!

SUMMER FAIR 2011 (27)