Temple Talks on Joy

Starting October 13, different members of our congregation shared during the the first and second services what Joy means to them — what brings them joy … what brings God joy. Have a listen!

 God Gives Us Joy Gatherings

The first meeting was Sunday Oct 20 between our worship services in the Parish Hall. The 2nd meeting was Tuesday October 23rd at 2:00 pm in the Stevens Room. Vestry members are Carolyn Sundquist, Joanne Crowe and Connie Mitchell.
The 3rd was Wednesday October 29th at 3:00 pm in the Stevens Room. Vestry members Joanne Crowe and Pam Doyle. Ask them about the meetings.

There were two goals for the meetings:

  1. Small round table discussions of:

    What gives you joy?

    What gives the community joy?

    What gives God joy?

  2. Gather input on how to move forward with the Summer Fair, Circus Smirkus, or any new function suggested by the congregation.

We hope that you were able to join us at one of these gatherings to give guidance to our vestry on how how our church moves forward in the next few years.

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God Gives Us Joy — eNews Articles

Jay Wyman

October 11 eNews—I experience Joy in Giving because I have been given so much. Jesus gives me his unconditional Love. I just need to ask him into my life. I need to be open minded and have the Faith that things will be revealed to me in His time. I am grateful for my food, shelter and family.

I give to others of my time, treasures and talents because it gives me a good feeling of self- worth. When I send out my time, treasures and talents I don't always know what good they will do. I do know that it gives me a good feeling to be able to do so. By giving, it gives me pleasure. If my time, treasures and talents actually help others, then it is all for the good order of things. God in his grace has given me much to be thankful for. He has been with me through times of trouble and times of triumph. I need to remind myself of the good I have received and be grateful.

Good things and events don't happen on my schedule. God has his own schedule of what is good for me. I just need to stay in the Present and commit myself to the people and tasks at hand.

To notice the beauty of nature and acknowledge the beauty of others and that we are all children of God means a lot to me. When I listen to others about their world of life and try to connect in a meaningful way, it only enriches my life. I am grateful for other people sharing their time, treasures and talents with me. It is all in the sharing that brings me Joy.

There is Joy in Giving, No Exceptions.

Connie Mitchell

October 18 eNews—Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. A tiny burble of joy wells up inside me as I step out into the early morning and head for All Saints' parish hall, joining a dozen or so other women around the table to share prayers and thought-provoking readings. We share concerns and triumphs; we support each other through sorrows and joys. If schedules allow, we adjourn to the Huggins Hospital cafeteria for breakfast and continued conversation. Women's Worship is a safe place, a supportive place, a healing place. I was fortunate enough to find this group when I first moved to town and I am grateful every day for the friendships I've made there.

Sunday is my second favorite day of the week. This is the day when I take time to look beyond daily distractions to find the Thin Place (Marcus Borg) between the surface reality of everyday life and the Ground of my being-the Ground of All Being (Paul Tillich). For me, the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist help me to reach this place. It is not the words per se that I find helpful (I am not a fan of the traditional God-concepts expressed there), but the service as a whole creates an ambience that allows me to (sometimes) find this "being" space. Besides all that numinous, spiritual stuff, I love the people that share Church with me. Horizontal communion as well as vertical communion. What else could beat such a joyous combination?

I cannot attribute emotions/feelings to God, joyous or otherwise. Humans have been doing that for millennia. I suppose it does no harm and encourages us to behave ourselves, unruly creatures that we are. If I was to impose such feelings I would expect that God (GOAB) would be delighted-even joyous-when we, as a community, reach out to live authentic lives of love and service to others. Surely, All Saints Church embraces these ideals, and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Bill Meyer

October 25 eNews—All Saints' Episcopal Church is a very special institution. Its functions are many and varied, but all speak to God's work. We are blessed to be a part of this.

First and foremost, there is the formal worship of our God. Our Sunday services are a great comfort, a learning experience, and a chance to lay our thanks and burdens before Our Lord. This is a community of believers sharing their faith. The sharing does not end after the final blessing, nor after the last coffee cup is put away. We go out in the world refreshed and at peace.

In direct support of this, to strengthen it, we have women's worship, other seasonal services (as in various ecumenical services.

The All Saints' Episcopal Church physical facilities accommodate Wolfeboro Nursery School, various AA groups, bridge clubs, table tennis, the Garden Club, Scrabble Club, Knitting Club, and various Lent), and great learning opportunities. I look forward to Thursdays for Men's Bible Study (Women's on Tuesdays) in the morning and later to Bible Study with the Eucharist.

Our outreach to the community is incredible. Where would the more unfortunate be without Lord & Tailor and the Food Pantry? Think of the comfort and camaraderie fostered at Senior Meals and Dinner Bell.

We work with the Town of Wolfeboro and other churches in our area. With the Congregational Church alone, we sponsor Wolfeboro Reads, confirmation classes, and a youth program. We both join and host other groups and events on an irregular basis.

I am blessed to be able to offer my time, treasures, and talents to All Saints', and I repeat what Jay Wyman said last week, "There is Joy in Giving, No Exceptions."


Taken from a devotional entitled “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

Taken from a devotional entitled “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young